Lees Taxi & Tours (Jamaica) ,is a community partner in shaping a livable, attractive and hospitable Tourism Product for our visitors and all Jamaicans. We strive to maintain and manage an effective and safe transportation and accommodation program that provides value and comfort as well as mobility.

    Create a greater awareness of the true 'Jamaican experience'; enhance the quality of service, to educate our visitors on the hidden treasures of this 'blessed Island and its people', and to help in improving the overall quality of life. Further, to represent a practical approach to Jamaica's Taxi, Tours and Attractions that are consistent with, and reflects our visitors' expectations.

    • Provide exceptional customer service as a first class Jamaica Taxi and Tour company
    • Enhance the variety of places of interest, tours and attractions for our visitors and returning Jamaicans alike.
    • Reduce the cost for visitors 'to seize the opportunity of getting to know Jamaica in a special way', and giving our visitors value for their money.
    • Greatly improve this area of the Jamaican Tourism Product.